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Making a positive and innovative changes in healthcare, and deliver quality, patient-centred care.

Our vision is to be the most innovative and effective communication network for Individuals, organizations groups and business where Confidence, strategy, motivation, empowerment and inspiration builds and develops skills, abilities, talents and purpose and aim to spread our solutions throughout country and ultimately globally.

We want to empower everyone through health, mental and social development initiatives enabling individuals to thrive in all relations (personal, social and professional) and gain a clear understanding of their capabilities, their purpose in life and possibilities around them. We also aim to motivate many to be flexible and willing to explore and responsibly utilise their abilities to advance themselves.

We are Building our business on the foundation and core values for they will go a long way into building a strong, trusting relationship with our employees and clients. These values serve as a constant guide both the employee and the business in achieving our mutual goals, in a manner that is based on an ethical and ideological framework.


About Us

TSHIMAG TRADING and Services (Pty) Ltd was established in 2012  by Tshifhiwa Maggie Ndlovu with a purpose of helping individuals heal and develop personally to reach their greatest potential. Our main focus is on addressing health, social and mental wellbeing through nursing, mentorship programs, counselling and guidance programs. We also offer life coaching and recommendations of reputable and best health care providers nationally. We absolutely love what we do and pride ourselves in providing effective solutions within reasonable time frames.

Thimag Trading and Services is situated in the heart of Pretoria CBD, certified with SANC with a Psychiatry and General Nursing as from 1995. In house we have trusted, experienced and well qualified professionals in the medical field. Our service offers goes beyond the medical rooms or office, we take pride in what we do and love ensuring peoples wellbeing. With a goal of reaching many other people and making services accessible, we utilise various online platforms to engage, host discussions and gather updates regarding our patient’s health and wellbeing.

Founder of Tshimag, Tshifhiwa Maggie Ndlovu is an experienced Health Care Manager with expertise in implementing, monitoring and evaluating quality programs in different care facilities. Her goal in any organization is to work with is to make positive and innovative changes in healthcare, and deliver quality, patient-centred care.

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We provide counselling and mentorship programs to assist individuals to improve their quality of life, resolve problems and avoid repeating them in future and also address certain issues that affect any form of relationship. We believe that many decisions we make are triggered by our mind-set, perception and influenced by experience or trials, we want to help you put things into perspective. Through therapy we aim to provide individuals with a clear perspective and guidance in understanding their situation in order for them to make an informed decision on how they will move on with their lives. Some of the key aspects we address include:

- Self-Identity

- Personal Mastery

- Support

- General and Pastoral Counselling

- Motivation


Our nursing services do not just provide medical attention and care. We provide tailored nursing services well suited for your loved ones ensuring cleanliness, efficiency and effectiveness to improve one’s health, mental and social well being. We cater for all age groups and all conditions, assigning a well versed, trained and tested nurse to ensure all your loved ones needs are met in the comfort of their own home. Our care giving services stretch out to:

- Severe / Terminal Illness Care

- Elderly and Frail Care

- Post-Hospitalisation

- Baby Care


We offer a variety of training courses and life couching working with professionals in the medical and health field. We ensure results and positive impact through our programs. Programs include:

- Career Guidance

- One on One coaching,

- Group Coaching,

- Employee Wellness